'Cos there's a blue sky waiting tomorrow
Happy Easter everyone!

Today, amusing enough. Hey hey hey I finally get to upgrade my iPod software. WTF it took six hours altogether, 3 hours each for downloading and for the backing up and syncing. Jeez Apple. But the software is so awesome all right! There's even an airplane mode now haha in the settings :p Srsly it looks good.

Okay so Gelo were here a while ago. Kerstan can make a few words on his own! Yay at the improvement. You can converse with him a bit now, and he understands. Sometimes he bobs his head for a yes and shakes it for a no. Gayle didn't show up :s I miss her and Nicole so much already. It's seldom we get in the same place together all three.

Yesterday was sorta fun too; we went to Robinsons. Mom bought me a cute pair of sandals, it has that summer look. :) And, read Jane Austen at night. Finished Northanger Abbey in one sitting, from 9PM-3AM. That was the very very late time I've ever slept, period. The makings of an insomniac. It wasn't as good as Pride and Prejudice but overall it was okay. New love team: Catherine Morland and Henry Tilney niahahaha.

I'm considering changing skins. I probably will soon, hehe. Kk that's all, tomorrow start of catechists' seminar up to the 27th. Busy days ahead!

P.S. LET'S GO CELTICS :DDDD *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap*

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Sunday, April 24, 2011
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