Am I better off a quitter
Update! Okay so yesterday, late afternoon to 10PM, we went to Tanza's Oasis Resort for the branch outing. Mom brought us along. They have a large swimming pool and--wait for it-- THE SEA! Yay like it was a loooooong time since I've went swimming in the sea. And it's way easier to float there. My feet hurt though from the rocks underneath, but when it's about chest-deep you'll it's sand instead of rocks and shells.

So today. When I woke up, damn my thighs hurt. The way it hurts is very familiar--it's like I've done a hundred pumpings without warmups. So yeah, walking is again painful. BUT THEN I GOT COCC TRAINING TODAY. FML. I imagine running four laps around the humongous school carrying a rifle and I was near tears. Hell, I just pictured myself warming up, you know, the stretching exercises and bending the thighs like that and I suddenly thought of bailing. But I remember it's my turn later for the commanding (oral) test and voice test. Mandatory dude D:
Mom made me take mefenamic acid. At the first half-hour it only made the pain endurable but soon, I was okay. I made it through the training hahahaha. And I'm 24/50 for the oral + voice test. I think it's not bad 'cos the highest is 35 hahahaha.

And btw, I dun wanna use my Flavors page anymore, I made a different homepage @ :)

That's all. I'm uploading pictures I've taken two years ago haha. I miss sophomore life! Kk that's all, I'm gonna review a bit this summer. College admission tests are gonna be hard and I really, really wanna pass in University of the Philippines so yeah, study study. BB!

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Saturday, April 16, 2011
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