Already gone
Hi hello again! Today, not so hot as I expected. I watched NBA this morning.
Orlando's out now D:
They lost to Atlanta Hawks. Damn. I don't like the Hawks. I'm gonna miss Superman Dwight. But Bulls and Celtics advance, yay! I hope one of them turns out to be champions :))))

Anyway, I made another site. I am so into procrastination these days.

Tumblr themes site. Feel free to 'like' it hahahaha. Stick by the rules dudes.

Yep so Alwin's watching iCarly daily. That was weird. Hahaha. But I like the show too. And yeah just finished reading Mansfield Park last night, stayed up to 12am to do so. Hehehe. Dad was pissed, he saw me reading late at night. But he was ok in the morning >:)

Pictures! (c) Marynel, from Thor's iPhone. Taken @ April 27.

LOL during teaching demo. That was humiliating.

That's Thor, MJ, Carrie, Gene, Kiel, Alma and me. Haha taken at the girls' bathroom. nvm Kiel and Thor's being there :p

Before the Mass :) Alma, me and Gene :D

P.S. Oh yeah, congrats to Prince William and Princess Catherine of Wales!

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Friday, April 29, 2011
@ 18:17