Yep, here it is, rate here :)

Deliberation finished and yeah, I'm top 2 :D That's okaaaaay for me 'cos I anticipated I'd land fifth or something. Best in TLE too. LOLOLOL congrats GENEVIEVE! Maybe yeah, she's top one and I'm two, but we're still good friends. We made an agreement last year that no matter what we should be sitting next to each other in graduation :))))

Speaking of graduation, my birthday's in three days too. *sigh* Well I'm gonna turn fifteen. Can't wait. >:p

Keke. And yeah what a bitch who got SOTD on March 19, 2011. Looks a lot like my skin and I messaged that person and no reply. Huh. Anyways I'm kinda hungry right now anyway, and too much in a festive mood to stay pissed :DDD I'm gonna get my hands on my iPod soon! BB ♥

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011
@ 17:21