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Hi. Yes, it's me. Sorry for not updating this rotten blog for so long. I've been lazily skinning and blogging for now, I think you can call it the blogging-seems-boring stage. And the spammers who just advertise in my tagboard seem to annoy me more, pffft.

Lotsa things happened. Nationals just finished yesterday, and I didn't win >:)) It's okay. I'm really happy anyway. And it was awesome to have friends from different regions all over the country. But I can't help regretting because of the prizes--for the champion, a Toshiba laptop and a Samsung Champ, and for the 2nd place--this is the reason why I almost cried--is the iPod touch and another phone (IDK what). 4G dude. 4G!! Would have made up for my lost iTouch 3G. I already miss playing TTR :'( I think I'll lose the skill if I don't practice LOL. For the third place a Nokia C3.

On our arrival we went to MOA to the Nido Science Discovery Center. I liked the Grossology part there the most. *The (Impolite) Science of the Human Body* LOL. It's interactive. And there was this game where different kinds of odor-producing bacteria were described and you have to smell in front and you have to guess which part of the body that bacteria lives in. And for the first sniff I had the direct inhalation, the full force of the smell. PEEEEEE YUUUUUU *vomits* And it's from the armpit! Eeeeekz. Never tried anything else again. And there's the Burp Man where you have to pump soda into his mouth and then he'll make a burping sound. The Barf Man, however, you have to enter the correct sequence of the vomiting process. Then he'll make a vomiting sound. LOL.

This was awesome, the woman there's a hologram. But it seems so real.

Played PvZ and Text Twist 'cos there are computers there (you have to stand though) and the input device was unique, there's no mouse and a ball which you can rotate is at the right side of the keyboard and to right/left-click there are buttons on top of the ball. That's their version of a mouse. Kinda hard to operate though.

That's Yahairah, she's a Muslim :)

Stayed at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel too :")))) Everything was gorgeous. The food, the rooms, the services. I have two roomies--Ian (she's a girl) and the other, well, she hasn't arrived yet 'cos her flight was delayed.

Roomies! First, Ian and me (on the first night), and then Alyssa and me (taken on the second day) :)

The bathtub and everything, LOL. We explored the room and I was thankful there's a blower, 'cos I didn't bring mine and I realized I need it.

The bed was big. There's an extra but it's for one person only. We read books, Ian and I. She bought The Lost Hero when we're at MOA and I brought along my Catching Fire. Slept at around 10PM.

I woke at around 5AM because there's knocking on our doors and it's Alyssa, our roomie whose flight was delayed. She hasn't slept well because instead they took the road. And it's an eight or nine-hour trip from Bicol. Breakfast will be served in an hour and I can't go back to sleep so I made coffee. Alyssa slept for only 45 minutes. Had breakfast at Paseo Uno then off we go to the Myth of the Human Body.

IDK if I'll consider this a nice or horrible experience. But it's sickening. There are specimens of body organs, even whole human bodies in cross section, etc. And the disturbing fact is they're real. They're preserved through what they call plastination. They named the halls after Greek gods and goddesses. Like, for the nervous system, it's the Zeus hall since it's the brain and all. Eros for the reproductive. Hades for the circulatory. The most disturbing for me is the Artemis hall (goddess of fertility) and they displayed fetuses there. 1month-10months. Even a pregnant mother with a baby inside her womb. The place is also dark and claustrophobic so, idk. I learned that it's a travelling exhibit, and they'll be gone by April.

Lunch at The Fort, Every Nation. Contest proper. Kuya Kim was our quizmaster! And the TV crew (ABS) were there D: Oh man I do not want to be seen in national TV. We've also been in the newspaper but it's only an ad so it's kinda OK.

We call them the Triumvirate, these three fifth-graders. They're so naughty and bright and cute and adorable and I bet their teacher would go nuts if they become classmates :)) Clockwise from right: Luis (he won 1st runner-up), Carmelo (the champion :D) and CJ Ü

Cluster B both got the champions for GS and HS. They're all really good :)

Guess this long post makes up for the missed days? Anyways gotta go, need to finish our Journ project D: BB!

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