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So, first of all. I changed my blog URL :/ I'm really sorry for the inconvenience this might have caused to my affiliates but please do relink me :) I've had the old URL for a loooong time and it sucks to the max. So, yeah. Replaced with another suck-ish one. But I just decided to change it to t-angledsanity so that it matches my Tumblr URL :D

Speaking of Tumblr..I fixed it. LOL. For the first two skins I used, they were hand-coded by me, but I find Tumblr's codes more complex and the two skins were coded for like, days. Ugh. So I decided to code Blogger skins only. And use other ppl's layouts in Tumblr. Right now I'm using Geng Hao's (you can find some layouts in and it's pretty simple but awesome. Follow me in Tumblr too!

About this day..well, nothing much in the morning. Woke up at 10AM >:) And my Dad's kinda annoyed about that habit. Actually I woke up at 9AM but I read Mockingjay again, which means I effectively killed an hour. Then ate breakfast. Eggs again. Scrambled this time. And then by 11:30 I ate lunch. Like FML this is why I've been fattening at a fast rate recently.

Yesterday Carrie and I were told that graduation practice tomorrow (meaning today) was going to be whole day. And we practiced for two days already, and we're doing the same things, tiring ourselves with those swords and everything. So we made an agreement to attend only in the afternoon at 1PM.

SO FAST FORWARD--TODAY. I left the house at 12:45 (I know I'll be late, the ride from our house to school takes about thirty minutes if we commute). And I arrived at school. There's Agatha, Rosvelle, Cathy, Jedd, Rvin, and Kim. And they're all going home. WTF. What a waste, dressing up, commuting, then this. And Agatha texted Carrie if she'll come. She said she won't because she's busy at home. AAAAAGGHH I wanted to scream at her all the way to San Antonio. It was so unfair D: Okay I'm being bitter LOOOOL. Anyways at least I have company >:))

We all went to McDonald's, actually we started eating at 1PM. Then we went home at about 3PM HAHAHA. We ate, threw ice cubes (only Agatha and Jedd XD), wrote stuff at the back of our receipts and turned it to paper planes, but mostly talked. For a long time. And laughed too haha. Some guy at the back started staring at us and Agatha told me but, we're doing nothing wrong. Like mind your own business dude.

So, went home at about 4PM. And directly blogged and Tumblr-ed and whatnot. OH shit I forgot to claim my Type A :O I was supposed to get it this afternoon. And it's just across our house LOL. But it's dark so maybe tomorrow. I got my nameplate yesterday! It was awesome. And during the graduation they introduce us as 'the CAT officers' whoaaa. After all the work finally >:)))

I think this has been a pretty long post. IF YOU READ ALL THE WAY UP TO HERE then hey, how persevering. Kbai :))

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Thursday, March 24, 2011
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