Okay LOOOL, I'm really sorry for being dead this loooong.
I just wanted to let you know..

I'm still alive here, yeah. LOL. Sorry! Woot woot woot I don't think I've got readers anymore >:)) The blog's rotting. And I really need to change my skin.
You can somehow blame Tumblr for me being inactive for some time :D Follow me on Tumblr pleaaaaase? (HERE) Thanks. :)

Tomorrow practice for graduation. I'm not graduating. But we COCCs need to be there, you know, for the cross sword stuff. Tomorrow's the deliberation too for the third year honor students. OMG OMG OMG. I have a feeling I landslided (LOL new word) because I missed a lot of stuff when I went to some contests :(((( HELL, I failed my Chemistry unit test! IT'S A FIRST FOR A LONG TIME. HAHA. The topic was about gas laws and I was absent Thursday and Friday, and then on Monday they made me take the unit test 'cos Ma'am doesn't want special exams. DUDE, 26/65. I STINKING FAILED LOL. Whateverzz. We'll see tomorrow.

I dread that day, really. Carrie and I are both nervous (she's the current top 10).

Kk. What else? Yeah we're at the mall. Mom bought me new flats and a Glee shirt! And The Little Prince (yeah I'm kinda late, but I haven't read it, so why not right :D). HAHA I love her. Best part is I'm not paying for it. Just P200, which is about 25% of the total amount I cost her this day malling. >:))))

I think I need to code a skin, maybe when I get home. Or tomorrow. Or the next day. Tssss, 'kay, I'll try to be posting more often :))))) BB!

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Sunday, March 20, 2011
@ 16:16