Ka-ching, ka-ching

Okay if Rowin has one good thing he's influenced me with, it's this. HAHA. I even downloaded it in his recommendation. Woot woot, this is waaaaaaaaaaaay better than Rebecca Black >:)) *I bet the Friday star gets that all the time.

So. Today, went to school, had my curriculars signed. Only those under the Campus Ministry are left unsigned. I'll come back on Saturday for COCC training (Sir Daño won't even tell me the scope). HAHA. Good luck to me. Voice test too. I was the only CO btw to have Sir Daño sign my curriculars today! For the COCC and Julian Felipe Day. I keep teasing Amity and Gene because they missed the chance >:))

Currently downloading the iPod software update. WTF ten years.

BY THE WAY! I submitted my previous skin HERE, please do rate! :)))) Kthnxbai ♥

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Thursday, March 31, 2011
@ 16:36