In a glass of her boudoir

Hello :D
I think Tumblr influenced me a bit in my blogging style. So I think I'll be putting pictures randomly on my posts.


Have you tried this app on Facebook? LOOOL it's kinda fun in a childish way. But yeah. Hey it also sets your brain to work hahaha. My online friends and I are playing LOL.

--OMG I didn't realize I've been playing for four hours now. HAHAHA. I quit on Round 25 lol what an asshole I am. Spent the whole afternoon in front of the computer :B

Look at the pictures HAHAHA. I'm sorry if they're small, I never got the opportunity to print screen our drawings, I just had the image from the wall posts >:)))

'Kay, I have to go. Been here for five hours. Sheesh. Anyway, thanks for my ninth SOTD too! Kbai ♥

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Friday, March 25, 2011
@ 12:29