Swallowing my pride
YAY! I finished another skin :) But I think I'll use it some other time, I'll stick to this current one for a couple more days.

Rowin chatting and chatting me in Facebook. LOL the kinds of things we talk about. The upcoming prom, Foundation Week, etc. Haha and he likes someone from Atlanta, Georgia. The girl, a daughter of his Mom's close friend, stayed here last Christmas and he got close to her and poof, she's gone again by January. Awwwww. Sometimes he draws the topic back to me, to my unessential and uninteresting life (in love LOL) but we're like, both knowing how it feels. She's in Atlanta. He's in the Philippines, but he's going to graduate anyway. It's as good as being in another continent 'cos he's going to military school. So yeah. HAHA. Rowin says he's waiting to be able to forget. I think I am too LOLOLOL.

This ridiculous coughing and sneezing fits are getting to me.
I think I should rest now. Prolly eat dinner too. BB for today!


Wednesday, February 16, 2011
@ 18:01