SEBCOM Cup 2011
Excused for the whole day >:)))) Went to SSC-R Main Campus, spent the whole day there. I was a contestant for the feature-writing. And yes, Filipino. Errrr. I mean I've had next to no experience in this field. In Journ I wrote for news-writing English. That's all. Ma'am C said it's more like of a theme writing. Like what's the diff. Gene, the feature-writing Filipino (she should have joined instead. She should have.) gave me some tips, like it should be colorful, lots of metaphors and similes, play around with words. Yada yada.

Rain (extemporaneous speaking), Jonelle and Kiel (newscasting), Marynel (declamation) and me were accompanied by Ma'am Veloso the whole day. Haha did nothing much :) Had lunch at McDo. MJ and Jonelle and Kiel won first place BTW and Rain and I third place. We didn't have any performance for the speech choir and improvisations and the oratorical speaking, we could've had a shot at winning the overall champion title :| Anyways happy. Jameson won first place for the features. Hoho him again. I've seen hin in DS, RS, MTAP, everything lah.

That's all. Rate my recently submitted skin too please! Hearts ♥

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Monday, February 21, 2011
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