Promenade ♥
Prom was really fun! Started at 6PM and lasted til 1AM in Island Cove :D I wore a blue strapless long gown (we're all required to wear long gowns, IDK but the cocktail's allowed for cotillion dancers then they'll change to long gowns as well after the cotillion).

Ate first. The, uh, chicken au gratin (idek hahaha, smthn like that) was the best for me. And the dessert, little square of chocolate cake with fruits. After eating, the dance floor was open and the first five songs were disco ones and the SEM people came partying there hahaha. Joy and Elizza were really hyper! Then the songs slowed down LOL.

I really thought prom is suck-ish especially on the week before, 'cos that's the time we were shopping for fancy dresses and whatever. I hate fancy occasions and I dreaded prom. I was kinda worried too that no one would like to dance with me. Turns out I had fun too, hahaha. All the boys from SEM (they're only 8) danced with me except for Arthur. He was busy texting all the time haha. My first dance is Sir Dale :") Many boys who were my classmates last year in SNT but didn't make it to SEM also danced with me, and it was fun, you know, people you least expect asking to dance with you. It was tiring though D: The heels, yeah.

Then the cotillion de honor. They were awesome, especially those partners who had complimenting colors for their gowns/suits. Then party music to slow music again. After that the class will and testament (LOL I look stupid there, it was recorded weeks ago and the vid was edited. I was under Pulsating Vivacity (mga palaging "high") and Incisive Acumen (mga matatalino). At first IDK what those meant hahaha.

Last dance is Jan. Actually I was too tired for the last five dances, but he asked so ok. Finished at one in the morning. Yay unforgettable ♥

Keke. Inspirationless for the meantime so I'm not coding a skin at all. Think I'll stick to this for a long time. Nationals next week, final exams next next week. Busy days ahead! BB :D

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Sunday, February 27, 2011
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