Oh shit
I left my phone! IDK where, it's just that some creepy guy called my dad's cell and I'm like, "Oh shit, I don't have my phone with me." So I called my phone using our landline and then the guy said, "Where are you?" And so I freaked out and I said "Wait," and I called Mom and she talked with him. They're gonna meet up at McDonald's and I wish that guy isn't a psycho T-T My phone's important 'cos I need coordination for the quiz bee and some essential info are there D:

BTW it's been long since last update. To tell you...I was ecstatic these past few days. Regionals for the Pasiklaban quiz bee was held online and I took the test last Wednesday, and minutes after I took the exam they said I got 260/300 points and I WON! First place. And that means I'm going to Nationals OH YAY. But I just can't express myself so well now considering my current condition T-T

Shit, what a stupid fuck I am.

According to the guy I left the phone at some street and he just picked it up. (We did our features page today at Myles' house) And Myles told me we passed that street on our way to our house, which means it fell when we were on the tricycle. The fucking phone fell from the tricycle? Hell I don't know.

Whatever. I've got better problems tomorrow, training and all and it's going to be hell day and I don't have a COCC pin. Anyways I'm calling it a night :|


Oh goodie, Happy Chinese New Year.
Great, what a start.

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Thursday, February 03, 2011
@ 21:13