"No Dad, it's G6."

Okay done from training. Wasn't hell day for us, ours was last Saturday. So the absentees get what they missed today.

UGH what to blog. Hm. Finished our features page for the journ project? And we're going to do the second part deadline next week.

And. New seating arrangement. I'm at the very right side of first row (yeah the position sucks, can't see lectures well in my place and I'm near the windows, so what luck when it's windy or sunny) and Rowin's my seatmate, and EJ next to him. Like the same when we were sophomores hahaha. It's fun yeah, just that Rowin's too curious. I mean he asks what are constellations and galaxies. And during Chemistry time we were discussing properties of gases and Ma'am said something like "Gases expand when heated" and he asks how does that happen. "If gases multiply or maybe their molecules get larger" etc. hahahaha sometimes I'm just dumbfounded. I find his questions amusing tho LOL. So I try to answer them the best I can hahaha. AND Robert's behind Rowin so it's more fun.

BTW ABOUT YESTERDAY. I got my phone back, good thing the guy wasn't pyscho or smthn. But it's confiscated anyway so it's as good as lost D: "I'm so careless, yada yada" yes I am. Like shit how'd that happen.

Anyway yesterday..we played around with the masking tape HAHAHA. Agatha has the blue and red crayons and masking tape and she writes there "I LOVE *NAME*" and sticks it to someone's back. ROWIN'S WAS THE BEST HAHAHA. There was "I LOVE CARRIE" at his back AND HE DIDN'T KNOW IT. Even when he went to the Science Lab LOLOLOLOL. And when he found out his expression was priceless and I laughed at him for the rest of Chem period. Then AP, and lots of other people had masking tapes at their backs too, Pre has "I LOVE TRIXIE" and Trixie has "I LOVE OSH" and Kiel has "I LOVE DONNA" etc etc XD Yes we're fucked up childish teenagers.

We were watching Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull that time too by the way. With Sir Ponfe at the back. I bet our conduct grades are going downhill.

THAT'S ALL THANKZZ. hahaha coding a new skin too ;D BB!

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Friday, February 04, 2011
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