Catch a grenade for you
First day of Foundation Week and it's boringggg. 'Kay, we wore Type B, yes, even our officers are in their Type A, but then afterwards we learned we won't be marching up front, because the college criminology students have taken over. I was like WTF. They just swayed us off. And we're all pissed about that and Sir Aljan teased us that we should make some noise or riot around during the parade and get to those guys' nerves, just for revenge. We walked with our classmates though.

Before the parade there was a Eucharistic celebration, yep lots of people. And the priests there are many too, there were like ten or twelve of them :O Wow. And they all looked, you know, in unity especially during the 'peace be with you' part awwwww.

After the long exhausting parade went to the canteen and the raffle started. Didn't win :( When I was a freshman I won 5k, that was I think the 11th prize. This year would've been better, I mean the 5th prize was an Android tablet, there's also a digicam and a DSLR and the 1st prize is an Acer laptop D: Didn't win didn't win didn't win :|

That's all dudez. Oh and yeah thanks for my eighth SOTD! :))))

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011
@ 12:26