Boyle's (freaking) Law
Everything fine now, except I think I totally lost my iPod touch :'(((((((((((

Well so much to celebrate. Ugh. Anyways we won MTAP Orals yesterday! YAYAYAYY as in that's twice in a row. Last year Gene and I won too :DDDD And now Alex and me. Hahaha I rmb one question was finding the perimeter of a trapezoid and Alex got the area. She got 36 cm2 and we're out of time so I just changed the unit to cm only so it's the perimeter. And it's correct >:)))) Rahrahrah so we went to Mcdo afterwards and I treated Ma'am Ed and the sophomores (Zhaina and Lovelyn) and myself to a sundae :D

Freshmen (Josiah and Charlene) and sophomores went 2nd place while juniors (Alex and me) and seniors (Ate Leigh Ann and Ate Krizzelle) went first :D

Update later. Going to the SM I think. :)

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Saturday, February 12, 2011
@ 10:12