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Okay. Today was a lot more boring than yesterday, and uh had the special quiz in Chem Alex and I missed last Friday. Played volleyball but the ball seldom goes our way :| I tease EJ and Gem and the other guys 'cos they're monopolizing the game. Yeah Ada and Alex and most of us girls (BTW Ada owns the ball, and she seldom gets to play it so yeah ironic) just stand there and watch them play and spike and pass and toss around.

Trixie's kinda disappointing me lately, actually she cut classes yesterday and today. Yesterday they went to Mall of Asia through cutting and without her parents knowing. (btw MOA is kilometers away, it's in the city, you'll need to take a 90 minute-trip on a bus) I mean how could you do that. If I were her I'd be really really guilty and dreading every minute in the mall. She's got some friends with her too (not us though, we stayed) they're like five girls. Today they cut classes again and stayed at Lyca's house. Why'd they shop at MOA? 'Cos of the upcoming SS3 in Manila, they wanna buy glow-in-the-dark spray paint. Oh, ridiculous. Did I tell you they're going to be at SS3 too (upper box A)? I don't mind that actually. It's just that she's too secretive with these things when it comes to us ('cos Carrie and I are not much of KPop fans..well, not as much as they are). And I think this is misleading her. God, that's cutting classes. And without your parents' knowledge..sheesh.

Define parade?

It's when us COCCs get to wear our Type B uniforms and rifles and we lead the herd of people, march for maybe two or three kilometers under the scorching sun without rest.

Greatgreatgreatgreat D:

AND BANDWIDTH EXCEEDED! Like shit all my skins are affected :| I'm too lazy to reupload so maybe next time. One skin at a time. Speaking of lazy I'm also too lazy to reply all the tags there..I'm really sorry, I'll try to tag back much oftener than before. STUPID SPAMMERS GET OUT OF HERE.

Anyway some chunk of happiness landed my way today. I was paged at about 2PM and I went to the principal's office and I received my forms and letter for my parents' consent for the nationals yay :) March 3-5 in a hotel wooooooot. And I get to meet Kuya Kim Atienza 'cos he's our quizmaster *u* OMG can't believe it. I wish I could bring my friends, like, at least two or three people :| Then I'd be super happy.

What else? Um. Newspaper. Need to finish it. Too upset to add more. Kbai.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011
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