You can count on me, like 123
YAYYY Math program finished at last! :D
Did nothing much in the morning. Except for the closing remarks. But in the throat's going dry. I was quizmaster for Mathematch freshmen and junior levels. I also made a slight mistake, I said "Let us now have a recap of the scores for the average round" and then I figured out we still have the last question to go WOOOOOOOT. Talk about embarrassing moment. Just laughed it out. Like MC shake it off. (LOL Vanessa Hudgens' Promise ;p). Keke I know you don't get me hahaha.

We had free lunch btw. Used up some of Exponent Club's jinormous club fund. Chicken fillet, had ice cream afterwards :D I know I should be eating less now that prom's less than a month to go but WTF I don't care >:D I'm really not excited for JS, I mean, I don't dance. And many other reasons, muahaha.


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Monday, January 31, 2011
@ 18:19