Speech choir done! PARTEY. We lost by the way LOL. AT LEAST WE DIDN'T HIRE A CHOREO, WHICH IS NOT ALLOWED IN THE RULES ;p We were overtime and we had a slight mistake in the intro. Whoa from champions last year, when we were sophomores for 'March of the Dead' down to last placers this year for 'The Champion' hahaha. Sophomores won this year's speech choir, thanks to the great choreography *piercing eyes look*

And yeah the spelling bee. I placed second hahaha. If it wasn't for the word repeal! I wrote the past tense T-T And decrepit. I heard 'decurbeat' so that's what I wrote HAHAHA. By two points..well anyway, at least I placed. This is my first time in three years to place in our spelling bee ;p

Jonelle placed third in oration, Marynel first in declamation, Gene third in essay-writing and Alex placed second, Charlotte third in..ex-tempo? idek it's the one you get to make your own speech about fifteen minutes before the contest proper and you do adlibs o.o

COCC training after that. Got 100 merits for reciting phonetics Z-A. Yes, Zulu to Alpha. And Ma'am Istienne gave me candy haha. Ma'am J also congratulated me and she said something else that was funney. I won't tell it tho here in public niahaha.

Feel like updating my baby. Got any new and amazing songs out there? Missed Glee's first episode this year too :'(

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Friday, January 07, 2011
@ 21:21