Okay, so 2011 didn't start out nicely for me. And school resumes tomorrow D: I still am doing my TLE project and will study for the Chemistry unit test tomorrow. The Chemistry thing was a bummer, I know.

I'm also left out today because of that darned project ;( Mom and Dad and Alwin all went to the mall. I was supposed to come too but I remembered and I squeaked 'I have a project' and voila. I'm obliged to stay at home and finish this. Haha I love last-minute things. I know vacation's long and I just did this now. I even washed my schoolbag just this morning and Alwin was like, 'Will that dry in time?' and I got worried about that too but, whatever. I hope it's hot later in the afternoon.

Keke. Still need to print that project, BB :D

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Sunday, January 02, 2011
@ 10:34