Parade finished! It was a long march, like, 3km? Or 2.5, idek. So I was really hungry when we went to McDonald's afterwards. Gene and I on a date (LOL) 'cos we were like, twelve people (including Sir Dale and Ma'am Ayra and fellow COs :"D) and the seats were all occupied so Genevieve and I went on a separate table. She told me why she quit Mutya ng San Sebastian :( Awwww, she's my bet for that beauty pageant (upcoming Foundation Week..Feb. 18). She said she quit because the organizers are..uh, unorganized, and that they were always hurrying. I'm kinda sad. I mean, it's seldom I can see Gene in a swimsuit (haha) and that she also has a sporting chance to win it. She's gorgeous, sexy, and really smart, so yeah. I also treated her to a caramel sundae haha. Oreo hot fudge for me :D

Tomorrow COCC training again and then we'll do our Journ project (Features page this time). Here, at my house. LOL. It's seldom I bring my classmates around 'cos our house is 7km away from school, we just choose someplace nearer. But tomorrow's Saturday, a free day, so they want to do things here yay :D

BTW Thanks for my sixth SOTD! I like that skin too. Hoho. Alright, BB for now :D

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Friday, January 28, 2011
@ 12:17