Hard for me to breathe
HAI THAR PEOPLEZ. Well I'm back, seems like a week since I've last updated. Yeah lotsa things happened.

1. MTAP (sort of a Math quiz bee) written exams *eliminations
2. 3rd grading period assessment
3. COCC training using swords (no not the weapons. hahaha)
4. NEW SKIN! :)

So MTAP turned out to be really brain-cracking and I scored 27/50 HAHA. Gene did too. Alex scored 29. The purpose of eliminations is to have every school two representatives for the orals, which is the real contest, out of their chosen three. The other one's a reserve. And since Gene and I tied, which very rarely happens, we're gonna have a tie-breaker this Monday from Ma'am Edralin--Alex is sure to be in orals. Man, I wanna be there too :( Gene feels the same and as friends it's hard for us both haha. But on the bright side at least one of us will get to join the orals and be happy for each other.

YEAH, I'm down to top two haha. Gene is the top one now, by 0.2 diff. Shocks I'm nervous about 4th grading. I hope I'd do well. GC MODE >:) Congrats to all those others there in top 15! ESPECIALLY JACOB. Big leap! As in, from 20+ in the rankings he made it to top 9 like WHOA.

Graduation's in two months and we're preparing for it, because we COCCs are gonna be there with our swords and Type A uniforms and to be passed by the graduates when they get their diplomas -.- It's my birthday too, March 26! Why does it have to be on the same day?! Kiel's our tempo by the way, he's gonna shout the commands. And we'll have to raise our swords for minutes ouch.

And yeah, new skin, how'd you like it? Give me some tags too! :*

Long post. Think I'm going to end it here.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011
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