For the win
Here at the mall, Tom's World LOL. I had the highest score in the basketball game there hahaha. 154pts in one minute yay. And Mom's gonna buy me Mockingjay! Awwww dream come true :')

Alwin didn't join us 'cos the cousins are there back home. Actually I think it's because he's gonna use the computer. And and and it's Mom and Dad's 17th wedding anniversary yiii :">


OUT OF STOCK! WTF T-T We bought I Am Number Four instead. According to the cover it's now a major motion picture. No idea what it's about but the stuff written at the back looks promising, maybe an action or thriller book.

BTW what's wrong with Blogskins? Can't access the site since this morning.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011
@ 12:33