Here at Ate Leigh Ann's crib ;D We're in a meeting (Exponent Club officers) for our Math program this January 31. And we're ordering now (by phone) for McDonald's LOL. We're really noisy and I think the employee's thinking we're a group of nutcases. HAHAHA.

My iTouch's low batt now hahaha. We're playing the Logic Box game, Jonelle, Majae and me. Earlier this afternoon we were playing Truth or Dare on Jonelle's iPhone. Leigh Ann's going to have a mayonnaise facial later and have her legs painted as a candy cane, Steph's going to have a shot of tomato ketchup, and I'm going to nibble a raw potato. LOL. Leigh Ann has a sign at her back saying 'whistle if you think I'm cute' HAHAHA.

Really hungrey. BB for now :)))

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Sunday, January 23, 2011
@ 16:31