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Yeah, today speech choir practice today D: Getting tiresome actually. We're halfway through anyway, and body measurements were taken for our costume.

HAHA BOBA GOT MAD AT US ALL TODAY. We were like, bullying him. Not exactly bullying, I wouldn't call it that, but we all teased him and at random sing him a kind of Christmas jingle or carol and laugh and he just couldn't take it that he hid in the school. We thought he was at the C.R. but he was at the..electrical room? And he's crying. LOL. Well we let him be that way. And he stayed like that the rest of the afternoon. Well so much for the theatrics. Once I angrily snapped "Whatever, leave him alone" because it kinda seems so immature.

Now I'm here. Just watched Brother Bear too. And I'm downloading songs, BB!


I just read TIME magazine! Congrats to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for being TIME's Person of the Year! :) And yeah the Wikileaks thing. I am so laughing at the powerful people who got exposed here. http://wikileaks.ch/cablegate 8D

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010
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