Underneath the mistletoe :D

LOL. Well, Merry Christmas!

We celebrated ours yesterday. I got a Lacoste shirt from Tita Susan, orange nightwear (from MOM! It's cute actually LOL), a pink tank top from Grandma, and a magnetic portable chessboard from Tito Bobot. The rest are cash. Haha. Christmas is like payday for kids. Cousins were ALL there :D And right, I am going to get fat. Yesterday everything was really delicious. Breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks. My conscience and self-consciousness got me by dinner and I ate only salad and chicken haha.

Submitted my previous skin too. Haha I'm switching so fast, THANKS HOLIDAYS :D


That's all. I CHANGED SKINS BTW *u* I kinda like it, except that the colors are too bright I think? :( But I soooo love the song, Shontelle rocks :D

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Saturday, December 25, 2010
@ 14:19