to all nocturnals out there, again
I'm still alive. Haha.

But I really need to get some serious zzz right now 'cos Mom and Dad are gonna be here any minute now..well I've only been here for an hour, my brother was playing games 7-10PM. SO UNFAIR HUH. But I watched Parent Trap anyway starring Lindsay Lohan when she was still young and cute and innocent and very...sober. The almost-stepmom anyway (Meredith?) is kind of a bitch LOL.

And yeah, my latest skins were like, epic fail. I don't like my current one :s it's kinda rushed. I knew I'd suck at non navi skins. The 'Impossible' one, it's kinda similar to the skin before it, and the colors too bright I think. Anyway thanks to those who rated my skins and gave their feedback :) It's good that you let me know.

Coded a new one too. Almost done. And I probably won't change yet. Night ma cheries :D


Monday, December 27, 2010
@ 23:15