Tired and pissed
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I'm here again at R's house and then I was browsing and then, I see this blog with the layout which looks very much like my Let them eat cake skin. I mean you can see the pattern in there. And damn it, I see myself in the affiliates area and what is that supposed to mean? I don't even know that girl. So she put me there because..? Because we are long lost sisters or BECAUSE THE SKIN WAS PATTERNED TO MINE? I think, IT'S MORE LIKE THE SECOND GUESS. And she credited herself, thank you. THANK YOU! I'd like to announce to all others out there, who's got nthn better to do BUT COPY SKINS OR RIP THEM OR REMOVE THE CREDITS OR OTHER TYPES OF BITCHING OUT, well don't do it to me you psychos. Especially when I'm pretty pissed LIKE NOW.

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Thursday, December 23, 2010
@ 14:16