New Year's Eve

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Cousins here! Eating again. And noise-making.
Really in a hurry. I'll fill up this post later OMG :) BB!


They all went home already. LOL. Grandparents and parents and brother still here, and Nicole and Ali and J. They're singing there in the karaoke, and I think Dad's mad I'm out here blogging >:)) I'll change my layout too by the way, it's New Year. This afternoon used up some firecrackers too. Neighbors are really noisy now. So are we. Haha. Keke need to finish this up. I hope 2011's going to be a blast, because 2010 didn't mean so much to me :s HAPPY NEW YEAR! (in three more hours and a half :D)

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Friday, December 31, 2010
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