Like yeah.
Sorry for the looooong unexpected hiatus! OMG. And I just saw that Chocolate creams became an SOTD and I was like, whoa. Thanks guys :')

Currently using my iPod for surfing the net and I'm sorry I can't reply to all the tags, it's like a Herculean effort LOL. We're supposed to be practicing our speech choir now at Rowin's house (luckily they have WiFi lol) for the Speech Fest on January but apparently lots of people are late hahaha. So now we're watching Friends (Courtney Cox, J. Aniston and Matthew Perry much younger!) with Kiel, Inah, Jovelle and Rowin. Haha.

Migadd so much has happened these past few weeks and I haven't been able to chronicle them haha. Yeah yesterday I watched five movies: Anastasia, Moulin Rouge, Princess Diaries, Father of the Bride II, New Moon. Okay wait. It's Chandler's and Monica's wedding LOL.

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Monday, December 20, 2010
@ 09:35