I've had the time of my life
Haha I missed you! Can't see your tagboard LOL. Pleaaaase change your skin XD


It's already Sectionals. Wooo. Features Kurt's being in the opposing team and Finn-and-Rachel breakup. AAAAND Britanny's lost the magic comb Artie gave her LOL. She's like, super dumb. But definitely good at dancing! She and Mike Cheng danced in their number there at Sectionals. AND YES, THE BALLAD BY SAM AND QUINN ♥ It's been my LSS up to now.

Mom was really angry at me 'cos I slept late on Wednesday and we have school tomorrow. But I insisted, and she relented 'cos she's busy with the computer. Haha. Then the next day, I, Kelly (grade 5 student :D), her mom, Fr. Tony (our principal), and Dr. Belinda (our "coach" haha) went to Silang for the Pasiklaban quiz bee. It's about everything, all the subjects in school. Seven other schools also went there, from the whole of Cavite province. The quiz bee was so high tech, we each had a laptop and we'd key in our answers there. And yes Kelly and I only knew about this contest yesterday afternoon, which means we haven't reviewed well. And so Dr. Belinda was appointed as our instant coach haha. Fr. Tony drove us there in Rogationist College. Their Glee club was cool; they sang the national anthem and the blending was wonderful.

Kelly placed 1st runner-up for the grade school department; she and another girl had to have a clincher round for the 1st runner-up place. And Kelly got it by the second question :D I placed champion for the high school department. Haha. We received medals, certificates, and a bag (no cash prizes LOL. But it's okay HAHAHA.)

By the way Chemistry lessons awesome these days. And I can't believe I said that LOL. We're already at balancing and yeah, it's kinda hard but it feels good when you get to balance the equation correctly HAHA.

Fr. Tony also congratulated us over the First Friday Mass, together with the announcement of SSC-R's having a shuttle service. That day too we were the lowest-scoring group in Math (which means 75 for group contest grade! OMG) then I prayed that at least 80 would do. GOD HEARD ME *u* We went third that day after the final group activity, which means we're 90 for group contest YAY :D

And now, LOTSA HOMEWORK TO DO. AGAIN. I think I need to do them now LOL.


Changed skins too. Here's the previous one.


Thanks much! And sorry for the long post XD

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Saturday, December 04, 2010
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