Coming Soon
Here again at Rowin's house. Supposed to be speech choir practice but we're really few so right now, we're watching Coming Soon and we'll be practicing this afternoon. Haha. I hope we finish this SC thing neatly LOL.

I really can't blog properly. When our desktop computer is finally fine (the Internet connection is crappy), I'll be replacing my skin, I'll submit this one, and I'll reply to all tags out there hahaha. But right now I'm simply updating and monitoring my skins stats LOL. My iPod couldn't do more than that haha.

Kudos to Anna May, she's awesome. I think we make up the anti-ripper team? Haha. A REMINDER TO BITCHES OUT THERE, just leave the credits as they are and don't touch the codes.

Okay. Everybody's screaaaaaaaming here hahaha. Oh shiet it's Shomba.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010
@ 10:49