Three months til my birthday. LOL. And I actually don't want to think about that 'cos my birthday is their graduation D:

Okay. What should I ramble about? Nothing much to blog these days :s Doggy days. ESPECIALLY FOR MY BROTHER. He's had fever three days ago and he's strong as a horse right now, and he's lazing around! He's got cough tho. And so I had to do his chores for him and I think it's totally unfair 'cos IT'S ONLY A COUGH, DUDE. SRSLY. LOL Okay this is called immature flaming. But really he's doing nothing in the house.

What else? Erm just lots of greetings in FB and I copy pasted my replies to all of them LOL. But I replied differently to those close to me haha.

IT IS PAYDAY HOHOHO. I think I received 2K in cash, yay! Gonna save up for a new phone LOL. AND YEAH. Yesterday I brought my phone with me when I showered LOL, and that was the first time I did that. I was texting three persons that time and I couldn't let go of my phone so I brought it with me in the bathroom HAHAHA. Keke I'm nuts.

I was half-expecting to see Peeta Mellark underneath our Christmas tree yesterday T-T


Okay new skin again. OMG. As you can see I really am bored here so I get to switch layouts everyday :s And I feel like it's a bad thing..? LOL. First non-navigational actually. Keke RATE MAH PREVIOUS ONE thanks darling.

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Sunday, December 26, 2010
@ 11:55