sippin sizzurp in my ride
Training today. Also periodicals (for..COCC I think). I got 87! They said it was the highest. IDK, maybe they're kidding me. And there was a fire in PN last night, and Keith told us Jacob's house was also burnt down to the ground and I was like, really really sad that time and pitied him. But when we visited his house it didn't even had a scratch and we were sooo relieved, you know? We were nervous at first 'cos the houses we passed by were trash already, with pieces of metal and wood everywhere. Haha I am going to kill Keith for this (j/k). Jacob's very very lucky anyway.

I changed skins too by the way! I did it over the top again I think
-___- Here's the previous one by the way.

Do rate it for me! CLICK :D

Kk. Lots of homeworks too. AND I'M GONNA WATCH VAMPIRE DIARIES S2 LATER AT 6 *u*

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Saturday, November 27, 2010
@ 16:41