Last night I didn't get to watch Glee 'cos my brother won't let me. HE HAS THE REMOTE. WHAT A BITCH. And he's watching Quantum of Solace WHICH HE WATCHED FOR LIKE, 3623683612368 TIMES. The parentals were near and I stopped myself from slapping his bitchy face or pulling his bitchy hair. I went online instead. Then I got to watch Finn and Santana talking and then the Glee club performing 'Marry You.' Awww Hudson-Hummel nuptials *u*

Then this morning I got a nonsense call from a person who shall not be named. The same with yesterday. It's pretty annoying now, especially if they're asking you for a knock knock joke, or how to make a star from colored paper.

Homework homework homeworks kk byes.


Oh wow. I think I shouldn't be pissed after all.
Thanks for my 3rd SOTD OMG

I didn't think BS would consider that piece of shite, I mean, it's overdecorated like my current skin LOL.
OKAY less pissed now. But still worried about homework *makes face* Whoever invented homework shall burn all his hair out. Adieus :D

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Monday, November 29, 2010
@ 10:36