I think I wanna marry you
I LIKE THAT SONG. Marry You by Bruno Mars hahahaha.
It was sung in Glee :D

CLASS PICTURE. IT WAS EPIC. We were standing at the benches at the back, as the photographer said, and then for the wacky picture I leaned in to Carrie and like, hugged her. Then WTF she fell. SHE FELL! HAHAHA And she brought Trixie down with her, who brought Alex and Kim down too LOLOLOLOL. I didn't fall but I was stupefied and they looked funny, like dominoes XD And the camera went click HAHAHAHA. I wonder what my face looked like there. And then for the class officers, Trixie was the muse and Pre was her escort YIIII. We teased them and the photographer even asked them to sit together, in front, just the two of them LOL. Trixie was so irritated hahaha. We even had a shot where we looked on the two of them, another we were pointing at them, and at the wacky shot I and Gene made a heart in between them HAHAHA.

You bet I'm gonna save my money 'cos I'm going to buy all those insane pictures LOL.

I teased Trixie I would buy ten copies of her shot with Pre HAHAHA.

And yeah spelling bee elims today and I got in, LOL. 15/15. WE HAD OUR SOCIAL STUDIES QUIZ. AND IT WAS WiFi HAHAHA (when Sir has his back on us ;p).

I think I need to review now. Quiz on Geometry tomorrow kbye :D

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010
@ 19:53