Had I known how to save a life
MY BODY HURTS SO MUCH D: Yesterday was hell day and all in all I did 400+ pumpings. No kidding. And my knees still feel wobbly, my thighs ache, and I feel like I'm paralyzed from the hips down. Then this morning they asked us to do one lap around the whole school. And I'm like, cursing every step! It's so painful. Trixie says this is for three days, so good luck to me on Monday. Our classroom's at the fourth floor and I really really wish we had an escalator or elevator instead.

Anyway. Changed skins again :> I like this new layout very much, spent hours coding it. Actually I was running out of inspiration but then I saw this awesome palette in Colourlovers. It's at the credits section :)

Here's the previous one:


Dinner ready. Update next time!

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Saturday, November 20, 2010
@ 19:30