Just finished Sense and Sensibility (old-fashioned, tasteless, gay, whatever. I love Jane Austen). Srsly my iPod's been overly used this midyear break I think. OH I FORGOT TO TELL it's our midyear break since November 1 YAYAYAYAYY. And ends on November 8. But I won't be going back to school back then, Regionals' on Nov. 8-12 HAHA. Really excited. I mean, Sta. Rosa is a very nice place and we'll be staying in a resort, so wow.

This afternoon I first tasted a carrot cake LOL. I could hardly taste the carrot or whatever's in it, but it's really good HAHAHA. Alwin hates carrots so I finished it by myself >:-)))))

Okay. I went to visit my recently submitted skin and yeah, I was shocked at the comments :(
It was sort of degrading for me, now everybody thinks I'm a ripper or smthn. KUYA JEFF YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE LECTURED ME ANYTHING D: I spent like, two hours on coding that skin. I explained it anyway there. Nicole, I'm sorry for making you angry or what. But I honestly didn't use your codes. Do give us novices a little credit of what we're doing..we get struck with some great ideas too you know.

That ends there ;) Sorry for whoever I offended anyway.

*back to cheerfulness* So MJ hinted me that we'd go to EK on RSPC..and I was like "SRSLY?!" and she said yeah, but not sure if it's free or part of our expenses haha. And I asked Dad to confirm it. AND HE DIDN'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THAT PART OF THE PLAN LOLZZ
So I backpedaled and said I was just asking, and Dad was like "Now I'm kinda hesitant in sending you there" ;p

BLA BLA BLA. I'm talking nonsense, I better finish this post LOL. BB!

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Thursday, November 04, 2010
@ 17:42