Just ate dinner from Jollibee. Kiel, MJ and I are here at the hallway exchanging stories of absurdities of parentals. LOLOLOL

We woke up early for no reason, just talking a lot. HAHA YEAH LAST NIGHT. The others were all asleep and Ma'am Iska, Kuya Lem, and us four juniors were still awake til 11, then Genevieve went to the bathroom. Then Kuya Lem turned off the lights and stood by the transparent glass in front of the bathroom and used a cellphone to light his 'let's-pretend-I'm-a-ghost' face. Then Gene went outside and we heard her squeak something "Eeee!" and we were laughing so hard but quietly because there are people sleeping HAHAHAHA. Then Kuya Lem turned off the lights completely then I heard something crash then Kuya Lem turned on the lights again and he told us that he bumped onto the upper bed's metal rail thingy and he bounced to the wall next to it LOLOLOLOLOLOL. I slept about 11:30 IT WAS AN EPIC NIGHT HAHAHA. EVAHH.

Today. XD
I competed for news-writing (English) this afternoon and it was freaking confusing and difficult (huh, whataya expect from regionals?). I hope I did well. NSPC would be gravy. 8D

And yeah, we dipped our feet in the pool! That's how much we really wanna go swimming. I think on Thursday they would let us for free. Yayayayayy XD

ok that's all. BTW the WiFi signal sucks here. (I'm at the top of Kuya Lem's double deck). Ciao!

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Tuesday, November 09, 2010
@ 18:57