Didn't see that one coming
Sid: (referring to Ellie's newborn baby mammoth) It's a boy!
Diego: That's it's tail.
Sid: It's a girl!

We watched Ice Age 3 and I was laughing all the time HAHAHA. Buck is the craziest weasel (excepting Sid LOL). And yeah cousins are here! They're eating pancakes right now.

This morning, we went to school and Ma'am Farrah gave us books on Campus Journ and told us to review them. Good luck to us on Monday :|

And yes. Thanks for my first SOTD 8D
As posted here.
If you think it's undeserving, well, okay. It's your opinion anyway. :)

I'm hungry too. Laterrr ;D

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Friday, November 05, 2010
@ 14:43