Been playing TTR3 for a loooong time haha :D

This morning we had our CO training :">
He inspected our squad tho he wasn't assigned to us COCCs. BUT I got ten demerits from him cos I left my hanky somewhere in the table there :(

It's his birthday on the twentieth! :)) Haha Ma'am A announced it, and mentioned aloud my name asking me if I had smthn to say or dedicate LOL. I didn't say anything. AND THE CUTE PART. I was on the second column, I commanded "Lakad pasulong" and an officer was supposed to execute that command with "Kad" but they were all busy talking to Sir Daño. Then HE noticed me shouting for like, four times and he executed the command :"> My fellow COs were uh yelping?

Did the Computer project but didn't finish it. The CompLab closed early D:
Keke need to get off the computer now. Til tomorrow!

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Saturday, October 16, 2010
@ 17:40