to all nocturnals out there
I'm still alive. LOL

Lost all games to seniors today, except the basketball for boys! They're champs *u* Whoo. AAAAND tomorrow--the cheering squad competition! I hope you guys bag the championship, GO JUNIORS! ♥

There are so many things to blush about today hohoho. Oh hey I brought my baby too today :D

"How can I talk to her, she's not even here."

Haha Sir M greeted me "congrats," (all through the persuasion of Majae) 'cos the juniors won ONLY the first set in volleyball (girls) against the seniors. I murmured "thanks." Yohoho.

He is so fun to be with. We got acquainted 'cos we had lunch with him at McDonald's (he's the choreographer for our juniors' cheering squad). He cracked up some jokes (haha mostly green ones) all the way.

We helped do our props for tomorrow. Nothing much after that. Keke night :)

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Thursday, October 28, 2010
@ 21:46