Srsly, I'm hoping this TW amusement park goes bankrupt so that we wouldn't have to wait on Dad for one to two hours playing some Jones game inside.

My knees hurt :( And my brother is annoying the hell out of me by persuading me to play hockey with him.
And shyeah, I downloaded the KT Revenge! It's free, four themes but only one song, Firework. Oh goodie. And yeah some ITunes U too. And podcasts, the Annoying Orange episodes. I haven't watched them yet so here we go *scowls*

And also, NEW APPS! :))) Harhar. Jonelle I'm srsly going to live with you as long as you let me use your WiFi there LOL
Keke. We're going hooooome ;D BB!


Sunday, October 17, 2010
@ 17:28