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Happy birthday Fr. Tony Limchaypo, our beloved SSC-R HS Principal!

Haha duty today, and it's OVERRR! :) Tomorrow I'm a normal and free person once again, yipee XD
Played volleyball, we beat the freshmen HOORAY :D Haha I was proud of that!

Ok ok. I'm overly happy today. OH YES Justin was there, K's ex, and his..looks were really changed. He looks gorgeous LOL. AAAND Sir M the usual, teased to me ;) Difference is Ate Monica's there LOL! I missed her. She was sooo kind and always talking and chatty. She teased me to Kuya N, her batchmate, in front of Sir M ;p

I was on duty for only a short time. The program for Fr. Tony's birthday was about two hours (with a Eucharistic celebration) and after that the volleyball game. So I was on duty for only twenty minutes HAHA. Then in the afternoon I stayed there by the gate til four.

I love Fr. Tony's homily today, on his birthday. Here it is:

Lessons a pencil can teach you:
1. You can always do many great things if you allow yourself to be held in someone else's hands.
2. You will experience a painful sharpening from time to time, but that is required to become a better pencil.
3. If ever you commit mistakes, remember that you will still be able to correct them--there's always an eraser.
4. The most important thing is what's inside.
5. No matter what condition, you must always continue writing and leave a legible mark.

Good night :)

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010
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