These recent days were frustrating. Yesterday, we had our group contest in Math (rule is, the group who gets a perfect ten shall be exempted on the next quiz AND homework). We got the wrong answer on the last question. AND (almost) EVERYBODY SCREAMED YAY. It was disheartening, I mean you can see that these people really want to tear you down. Huh. Some guys even greeted me "THANK YOU!" 'cos due to that incident we lowered the highest grade for the groupings. I was like, "Assholes," and so I was really pissed that day. Good thing Trixie and Carrie were comforting.

Then yeah, today was supposed to be the essay-writing contest. AND I WAS IN CLASS. They didn't call me. So hahas, I was not able to join the competition LOL.

Chem results were not bad. So I was kinda cheerful now. BUT my rotten phone lost its charger so for now it's dead. I WANT A NEW PHONE D:

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Wednesday, October 06, 2010
@ 18:47