Emma :)
When life gives you Skittles, throw them at people and say "taste the freakin' rainbow!"

Hahaha, got this from Cerize! YESTERDAY'S BIRTHDAY GIRL :) Belated, Cerize! ♥

Okay. Happy Birthday also to Ma'am Lesley Ferriols! More birthdays to come for our colour commander :)

Speaking of which. We had our training this morning, only COs and officers. No privates. The officers wore only Type B and we had a "skeleton formation."
And yes, afer training really got unproductive. Spent whole day reading Jane Austen's Emma, I'm still in Volume III :)

I'm excited for RSPC! Five days in Sta. Rosa Laguna WOOHOO. I didn't get accepted in SCORES by the way. Only four from the juniors; Kiel, MJ, Robert, and Amity. But it's OK :) I still am going to Sta. Rosa! :DDDD

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Saturday, October 30, 2010
@ 19:45