Letter 28 — Someone that changed your life

Um. There are lots of people who changed my life :) My family, teachers, friends HAHA many to mention. I mean, they shaped my character and threw in lots of stuff (good or bad. But mostly good things!) in my life. SO THANKS :)

Family Day this morning. It was fun :D Except that I didn't perform. It was kinda embarrassing cos only about ten of us were left watching and the rest of the SEM people were there, either dancing or singing HAHA.

Lots of presentations. Our section didn't win, SFA did. For the 4th year St. Monica won. HAHAHA I SAW APPA PORTRAY A PRIEST IN THEIR PRESENTATION :D It was epic. Theirs was a short kind of musical play. Carrie, Trixie, Lyca, and I cheered for our 'father' LOLOLOL. Srsly it's ironic. We're the children of a priest XD

We played games too. But what I enjoyed most was the boodle feast. Or boodle fight. Whatever ;p I mean, we ate on banana leaves with the food just spread on top and we have to eat with our hands. No spoon or fork or smthn. It was fun :D Went home afterwards.

Pictures! :D

That's Myles :D

These guys won. From SFA :D Honestly, I think their presentation is cool.
Hiphop and everything ;)

Games. These are the seniors ;)

OMG OMG OMG Sir Ponfe sang! HAHAHAHA! Epic moment! And they danced later on with Kiel, Jaime, Arthur, Rowin, and Robert. Sir P was supposed to cartwheel but he immediately walked out LOL

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Saturday, September 25, 2010
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