you can stand under my umbrella
Letter 11 — A deceased person you wish you could talk to

That would be Grandma Nita. I miss her badly ;( She's the kind of grandma who wants us, her grandkids, to have the best of everything. Not spoiled actually, but thoughtful, rather. She's the best rice delicacy maker there in our province, Quezon. I really miss her. I feel bad because, we seldom go there in Quezon (once/twice a year..because it's sooooo far. 127 km away) Grandma, I know you're up there with Gramps, I hope you're guiding us. We love you ♥

Expect everything, and the unexpected never happens.

I had a bet with Sir Balderosa while we were having the First Friday Mass this afternoon. I said, "Sir, I'm top 2, am I?" and he said, "I bet you're top one, and you're gonna buy me a Burger McDo if you are." I wasn't believing him HAHAHA. So I agreed. And with Carrie and Trixie too. I bet against them, still on top two for me. We're going to do nasty stuff on Monday if one of us lost..HAHA. And Agatha later in the restroom, she bet on me for top one, with siomai as the bet. HAHAHA.

Saving money right now. HAHAHAHA.

But of course I was happy! I mean, it's been a year since I became top one. Second year first grading, I was top one. That was the last time. The following quarters, I was always top two. HAHA. So I feel blessed today.

CO training fine. ;) Did 80 pumpings overall. But still fine :D

And on our way home..I was gonna head to Trixie's house to do my "Study Habit Seminar" article. Just Trixie and me, Carrie didn't join us. It was raining haaaaaard. I had an umbrella; Trixie was sharing. Gelli tagged along, she has an umbrella too, she's going to San Antonio too. Then he was there too HAHA. Trixie moved to Gelli and he stood under my umbrella ♥ He asked if we're heading to SA too, I said yes :D Waiting for jeepneys. Waited for a looooong time. AAAAND finally after riding on the jeep we all went silent. MY BAG IS WET. GRRRRRR. Then he went away smilingly, saying, "Thanks sa payong." HAHAHAHA. :"""">

Trixie and I was laughing the whole way to her house.

Okay I'm done with the article. And yeah, I have a new pair of slippers, I had a KFC dinner, and best of all, DAD RETURNED MY BABY TO ME!!! ♥ YAYAYAYAYY. Due to my being top one. YUHOOOOOOO!!

BB. It's getting late ;)

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Friday, September 03, 2010
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