last friday night
Letter 16 — Someone that’s not in your state/country

It has to be..RANDALL!
I miss Randall right now. HAHA.
He's in Australia (I think he's mastered the accent there as well!) and I miss his crazy antics, while we were still freshmen. LOL. And currently he's learning German. W-O-W. I envy linguists; the only language I know is English and our native Tagalog dialect. Somehow in the near future I plan to study French, maybe Spanish.

DEAR RANDALL, I miss you! Hope you get to visit us someday here! xx

Okay nice day today.

Happy birthday Mama Mary ;))))
We had a mass offered for her. Weee. In the quadrangle. And we never sat, just stood up. DUH THERE WERE NO CHAIRS. One freshman almost fainted and had to be carried to the clinic by Sir Alvin and Sir Michael.

BUT before that, we saluted :))))))
And one nice part: we saluted him. I was at the rightmost part of the third squad. After some time he carried on the second squad, which means we (third squad) move forward. Then he carried on the fifth element of the first squad (Jacob).

I was LOLing when I first saw Jacob, he was wearing a vintage kind of shades. BECAUSE HE HAS SORE EYES. That was acceptable but I like his shades! HAHAHA. It suited him but IDK why we're laughing.

Back to story. So J was carried on. Since I'm on the rightmost part I had to go up and so I was situated at the first squad :"> After some time he carried on us all.

The case study, particularly. I mean, even identifying the three sources of morality were confusing.

MAPEH quiz, got along fine. Filipino--aced it :D

This afternoon we did reporting in Chem. OMG. I don't know anything. About the orbitals. I can't understand it. SHOCKSS.

AP time, we finished watching Troy.

And now I have to go. BB!

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