it's not too late
Letter 24 — The person that gave you your favorite memory

Hmm. Recently it has to be him XD Here's the rundown of 'my favorite memory' :"""") CLICK. Haha. Yes, I would never forget that specific moment in time LOL.
Thank you, I'm happy that day :)))

I badly want to be in the Manila Book Fair in SMX.
It's only up, I think? T.T There are a lot of books there. ALOT.

Mom and Dad and Alwin went to SM Bacoor today GAHHH. I was left out because I have to study for three quizzes. BUT THE COMPUTER'S HERE WITH ME LOLOLOL. I'm finished with Chem and English. Trig probably'd be easy (I hope so!). Mom promised to buy me a new bag, yay! Like, my current one is already a year old (tho it still looks fine). I particularly told her that I want either a yellow, violet, blue, or brown handbag HAHA.

I can't wait to change my skin. Wait, I will.


Sunday, September 19, 2010
@ 14:19